The Leadership Forum

The strategic mission of the Leadership Forum is inspired by the G8 Summits to provide a platform for like-minded people to exchange views and concerns regarding current & future leadership challenges and solutions. It can be summed up by a statement made by Professor Michael Useem of the Wharton School of Business "let the voice be persuasive and the results be tangible."

The purpose of the gatherings is to provide a unique opportunity, in South Africa, for C-Suite leaders who are interested in investing in good workplace leadership to share their ideas, experiences, findings and areas of concern. Professors, gurus and CEOs listen to one another, cross-pollinate intellectually and are enriched by opportunity to network at this level.

Workplace leaders also need food for the mind, heart and soul – and how often do they not feel isolated in their role? The Leadership Forum C-Suite summits is the place to recharge the batteries.

The Leadership Forum was launched 15 years ago, on 19 July in 2003 at The Westcliff Hotel, and Summits occurred annually for a number of years thereafter.

In 2018, the challenges for C-Suite leaders are in many ways set by the digital age and the changing geography of business, including the emergence of a new continent: cyberspace.

There is the constant erosion of what was familiar terrain to exercise leadership and new concepts of productivity and team-work emerge with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, humanoids and robotics working alongside the human workforce.

What does good leadership now entail?
For decades the leadership dialogue questioned whether sound leadership was a science or an art? And whether good leaders born or made?

Do these questions have any relevance today in the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the impact on workspaces? Where even the concept of workplaces is undergoing a radical re-invention?

The Leadership Forum has, in the face of this new reality decided in 2018 to re-launch the C-Suite Summits aligned to the new demands facing leaders as well as lecturers in leadership.

Alongside bringing to light the urgent priority of prescience, the Leadership Forum is also re-launching the 25 year old Boss of the Year Award® rebranded as Leader Award with a new set of evaluation criteria.

C-Suite Summits

Leader Award